1.1 The product delivery is possible in the Republic of Croatia and worldwide.

1.2 For certain products or groups of products that will be specifically indicated, delivery is possible within certain areas or countries.

1.3. he delivery price is not included in the price of the product and is specifically charged at a price of 35,00 HRK for the territory of the Republic of Croatia. Delivery within the Republic of Croatia is free of charge for purchases above 1000.00 HRK
For areas outside the Republic of Croatia, orders for delivery from the European Union countries will be charged at € 25.00 (€) in kuna equivalent to the conversion provided for in the General Conditions. The shipping cost does not include the costs of importing customs duties, taxes and other administrative and tax charges (VAT etc.) in the country where the delivery takes place. The customer (buyer) assumes the obligation of import clearance and charges the fees and other administrative and tax allowances. The senders will indicate the value of the product and will be provided with the invoice. Vintage Circus does not accept the sending of products designated as a “gift” or a product with a declared lower value if the user requests it from the Vintage Circus in order to avoid customs duties in the user’s country and the same request will be ignored. Prices displayed on the web shop are VAT-free. It is not possible to deliver on petroleum platforms, mailboxes, military bases or offshore locations. Delivery is free of charge for orders over € 200.00.

1.4. ZOutside the Republic of Croatia, 25 Euros (€) are charged for orders outside the EU, in accordance with the conditions set out in Section 10.4 of this Rule Book.

1.5. The Vintage Circus reserves the right to cancel the order and return the funds if the customer’s location does not support the delivery of the product in a safe manner and in accordance with the Discretionary Estimate of the Vintage Circus.

1.6. Once the Vintage Circus has confirmed the order, and no later than 48 hours (if the order falls into non-working days), the deadline for the delivery of the product begins and the buyer’s products will be delivered within the following deadlines:

14 working days for the Republic of Croatia including the islands
30 working days for areas outside Croatia and within the EU
40 working days for areas outside of Croatia and outside the EU

1.7. In the case of anticipated delays in delivery due to force majeure and / or conditions taht are not responsiblity (includind internationa freight delays due to weather or political reasons) of the Vintage Circus and if for any reason the Customer is not available to the contacts he / she has made during the registration / purchase to inform him thereof, the Vintage Circus does not respond to the delay deliveries.

1.8. Customer’s products will be delivered to the delivery address specified at registration / purchase, and if Customer (customer) is not personally available or does not receive delivery to address indicated as delivery address, he will be left with message explaining how to take over shipment the delivery can be taken by another person (an adult member of the household, authorized person by the Beneficiary with the presentation of the personal identification document. The beneficiary will be accompanied by a certificate of the signed contract with the contract.

1.9. If the delivery of the product was not possible due to incorrect personal data of the Beneficiary who entered it during the registration, or purchase as an unregistered user (guest user), Vintage Circus is not required to bear the costs of re-delivery.

1.10. The customer is obliged to review the shipment upon receipt of the shipment, report any visible damage to the carrier directly and refuse to receive the damaged shipment. By signing the invoice and upon receipt of the invoice, the User verifies that during the takeover of the product he has made his review and that there are no objections to damage on the transport packages.

1.11. If the User refuses to accept the shipment for identified and visible damage on the transport packaging, he / she must fill out the appropriate courier service form in respect of the damaged items and by e-mail immediately and within eight (8) days at the latest to inform the Vintage Circus whether he wants a repeated delivery or a refund. Upon receipt of the advertised shipment and the appropriate form, the Vintage Circusse undertakes, upon the request of the Beneficiary, to make a repeated shipment within the time limits prescribed for delivery, if it is a product that is in stock at the Vintage Circus or at the request of the User to make a refund.

1.12. If the User refuses the product or refuses the delivery of the Product for no valid reason, ie refuses to fill out the appropriate forms, the Vintage Circus reserves the right to demand reimbursement of the costs incurred.